This journal takes its name from one of the oldest streets in the city of Laguna Beach and the place where Third Street Writers originated. It is an absolute pleasure to have you here with us on the urban edge of the Pacific Ocean, exploring, through words and images, the meaning and changing contexts of “being on the edge.” Third Street Review publishes fiction, nonfiction and poetry alongside art and photography, intersecting  words and images to mirror the fine, sometimes jagged and often unexpected twists and turns when one thing meets another.

If you have something for us, we want to see it, all of it, from all creators, no matter their backgrounds.

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Rina Palumbo  Editor-in-Chief
Amy Francis-Dechary
Rina Palumbo
Fiction Editors
Marrie Stone
Theresa Keegan
Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction Editors
Ellen Girardeau Kempler Poetry Editor
Jennifer GriffithsVisual Arts Editor

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Third Street Writers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We want to thank the generous support of the City of Laguna Beach Arts Commission and all the members and volunteers who make it all possible.

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