Hummingbird trapped in a bell jar
Cannot Be Contained ©Lillian Blouin

An award-winning artist and devoted student of hyper-realism, Lillian Anna Blouin’s unique style of painting seeks to bridge together the worlds of the real and the unreal. Each piece is a surreal exploration of everyday objects with multiple interpretations behind each painting. Lillian received her BA in Illustration from Laguna College of Art and Design. After showcasing in several southern California galleries she was inspired to pursue an MFA in painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has been an exhibitor in the internationally acclaimed Festival of the Arts since 2013. Other exhibitions include the LAAA’s National Survey Exhibition in Los Angles and the National Juried Small Works Exhibition in Clifton Springs, NY.

Cloudbank over the ocean
Clouds ©Jacqueline Shortell-McSweeney

Jacqueline Shortell-McSweeney has worked as a producer for Women Make Movies, a video artist at Henry St., Settlement, first union woman grip on the East Coast, and then, as a lawyer for Women’s Venture Fund.  Shortell-McSweeney has been published in eight anthologies, the latest being “Beat Generation”. Her detective story, “Dr. Altman” and the Concubines”, is now available.

Palm trees against the sunset sky
Beach Palms, Laguna Beach ©Alexandre Nodopaka

Alex Nodopaka originated last century in Kyiv, Ukraine. He speaks, reads and writes San Franciscan, Parisian, Kievan & Muscovite. Mumbles in English & sings in tongues after Vodka. Studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Casablanca, Morocco. Presently a full-time author and visual artist in the USA, but considers his past irrelevant as he seeks new reincarnations.

A large flock of cormorants on a pier
Cormorant Dance ©John Laue

John Laue has six published books including the most recent, “A Confluence of Voices Revisited” (Futurecycle Press). Also a recognized photographer, he has mounted shows of his photos and has had many selected for inclusion in local, national, and international galleries and magazines.

Interior of a cafe with webbed window hanging
Mrs. ©Melinda Russek

Melinda Russek was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She has worked as an IT specialist, wildlife director, and editor and took part in the 2008 economic crisis. M. Russek has won various photography and art awards and is also a poet, teacher, editor, and essayist.

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