Human figures in the distance on a beach after a storm
Coastal Thought ©Martha Clarkson

Martha Clarkson’s writing and photography can be found in monkeybicycle, F-Stop, Clackamas Literary Review, Seattle Review, Portland Review, Black Box Gallery, Calyx, Feminine Rising, The Seattle Times, and Amherst Review. She has two notable short stories in Best American Short Stories.

Exterior view of the courtyard of a monastery in Bahia, Brazil
Bahia©Rebecca Dietrich

Rebecca Dietrich is a poet and photographer from New Jersey. Her chapbook, Scholar of the Arts and Inhumanities, will be published November 2023. Rebecca’s work has appeared in Welter, Oddball Magazine, and Steam Ticket. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stockton University. Instagram @limericks_and_asphodels.

A woman wearing a mask is looking at an ant emerging from a trap
Condo Trap For Ants ©Serge Lecomte

Serge Lecomte is a writer and artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest. He holds degrees from Vanderbilt and the University of Alaska. He worked as a Green Beret language instructor at Fort Bragg, NC as well as a house builder, pipe-fitter, hospital orderly, gardener, landscaper, driller for an assaying company, and bartender.

A black and white image of a narrow alley stairway
Collision ©Sofie Deen

Sofie Rosalien Deen, a Dutch visual artist, entrepreneur, and liminal storyteller, finds her voice through paintings, photographs, and poetry. With a focus on blending analog and digital photography, she explores her subconscious and creates narratives navigating the convergence of time and space, resulting in surrealist works. 

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